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Here at Diecast News we offer a variety of ways to promote your brand and your business to the ‘die-cast car’ market.

– Sponsored Post –

Have a new die-cast auto product or service that you are looking to promote? Look no further than Diecast News Sponsored Post program. We will run your ad copy along with a 1 video + 1 photo, or 2 photos – Contact Us for current rates. All Pay-per-Post features will also be featured in our Flipboard magazine, Facebook and Twitter accounts for maximum exposure. Any videos must be publicly accessible (via Youtube), all ad copy is subject to editorial review and editing.

– Banner Advertising –

For banner advertising, we currently offer 1 ad positions, 1 X ‘above the fold’ 300×250 banner – on all post pages with ad management provided by Project Wonderful.

About Project Wonderful:

Every bid you place is in CPD, which stands for “cost per day”. A bid of $1 CPD means you’re willing to pay $1 a day to have your ad displayed. Pretty simple, right? You can put time limits on your bid too: a bid of $1 CPD for a week means that you’re willing to pay $1 a day for one week of advertising – so the most this bid will end up costing you is $7: one dollar each day for seven days. What’s most helpful is that CPD is a rate, not a set fee: a bid of $1 a day that only lasts for 3 hours would end up costing you at most about 12 cents, since it’s for such a small fraction of a day! Read More »

– Contextual Advertising –

We currently offer various ‘contextual ad’ placements depending on the type of page, ad placements may change over time. All contextual ads are served by the Google Adsense program. You can see an example of a ‘contextual ad’ below…


– Custom Solutions –
Looking for a custom advertising solution? …fee free to Contact Us regarding building an advertising solution that works for your business.

– Review Items –

Have a product that you would like us to evaluate and consider for a feature on Brick News? Items and all relevant information may be sent to the address below for evaluation. Products will not be returned unless return postage is provided.


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